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Granny Slags Are Up For Dogging!

The great thing about dogging is its universal interest and appeal. It really does apply to all age groups and anyone can join in the group fun. In fact, there are more people meeting up at the local UK dogging sites than any other sexual activity. This is great news for sites like ours,, which really tries to capture a mature market, and help those interested in granny slags in contact with a mature lady of that age.

Why are older slappers joining this adult dating site?

How do we attract local mature slags you ask? Well quite easily, in fact, we would go as far to say that since launching this mature dogging site back in 2007 the grannies have pretty much found us. And when we say granny, we are not just referring to your dear old’ nan, we are talking about, horny, dirty older women who are at the peak of their sex drive. Ladies looking for a mature sex dating site where they can experiment and let go of their inhabitations for uncomplicated, no strings attached dogging sex. We have loose senior ladies and mature women in their hundreds signing up to granny dogging thanks to granny dating every day, meeting up in local woods, car parks and other public places, to engage in all manner of sexual activities.

Helping younger men meet mature slappers in their local area

There are literally 100's of dogging hook-ups that happen every week with members from In fact, the popularity has increased tenfold over the last year. We believe that is down to the increase of members who want to try out group sex, and the fact that it's incredibly easy to get started and join in with. It also happens to be one of the only fetishes that you can turn up at and have some sort of sexual experience, whether that is a simple hand job or a full blown fuck out the back of a car, you' can find it here.  

Here are the top sex acts performed by our mature members during a session of no strings group sex.

  1. Doggy Style
  2. Cowgirl
  3. Blowjob
  4. Missionary
  5. Hand Job
  6. Masturbation
  7. Anal

The thing that the majority of people don’t realise is that fantasies about having sex in a car park with a granny slapper don’t just have to be a fantasy. It’s dogging websites like granny dogging that makes these fantasies into reality, and it’s available throughout the UK, all anyone has to do to join is spend 2 minutes of their lives filling out the sign up form, which doesn’t even require your full name, photo or anything personal – you really can make it as discreet as you like, and then within moments you are faced with a huge list of slaggy grannies you can message for amateur dogging in your local area. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

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So if you’re looking to meet up with granny slags and mature ladies for uncomplicated, no strings attached sex in local public areas where you live, then we can’t urge you enough to give a go. There are some simple ways to get an older, easy woman to have sex with you. And it all starts with signing up is free, we don’t charge you a damn penny, and you can see how much public sex is really happening on this site before you commit completely.

Our granny slags really are the dirtiest in the UK when it comes to dogging, they really do love meeting when then suns gone down, and the headlight from a car is the only thing lighting up that hard dick that they are about to suck bone dry. We have even heard of times where men will come out in their hordes just to wank over a mature granny getting fucked over a car bonnet, it really is a thing of uncompromised beauty. So stop wishing you were balls deep with a mature hussy, and get balls deep in one tonight! Click here to start your free membership trial. 

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