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Hello. Are you here to come dogging with us? I really hope so because there is really nothing quite like the experience of meeting a consensual dogger, especially those within the mature age range. We’ve got 1000s of hot grannies from all over the UK just begging to be fucked in public dogging locations all over the UK. So if the idea of meeting for no strings sex in a local woods, car park or any other piece of public property turns you on then it’s time to take your right hand out your pants, and use it to meet hordes of other horny mature members by signing up right here.

There are few pleasures in this world which are so easily accessible and exciting as the prospect of group sex. It’s no wonder it’s become such a popular activity when you see how much attention it received in the media last year when the channel 4 documentary on dogging came out. Although even before then we had members been enjoying no strings sex from all over the UK, then we have been established and helping singles, groups and couples meet with mature adults for local dogging since 2007. 

And since last year we have seen a huge increase in our member's population, it looks like now everyone wants to try some out.

And why the hell not? At the end of the day to meeting in woods, car parks or public places doesn’t cost you a penny to try, all you need to do is spend 2 minutes filling in the signup form on this website, which may we add does not require you to enter any personal or private details that you don’t feel comfortable giving, then you can spend the next 2 hours making granny slag contacts who will want to meet you at local dogging sites all over the UK. Sounds like a good deal right? Yes, we think so as well. 

That’s the beauty of sites like granny dating and other sites in its network, you don’t need to be a member of any type of club or organisation to join in and try it. No, all you need to do get in on the exciting action is by simply turning up at one of the locations and times organised by the amateur dogging members, turn up and either stand around getting thrills from watching men fuck other wives, or fucking wives yourself. You really can take it as slow or as fast as you wish.

To get involved and come dogging all you need to do is click here to sign up to our website using the button below. Like we said earlier, the form takes no more than 2 minutes to fill out. After that, you can save your thanks and just start shagging granny slappers and fucking granny slags until the sun comes back up, and believe us there are many holes to fill.

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