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Granny Dogging

Older women who love sex outdoors!

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Welcome to Granny Dogging.

woman in the woods doggingIf you’re looking for granny dogging then you’ve come to the right place. Our exciting
mature sex dating site connects single guys interested in local group sex sites around the UK. If you are interested in meeting older doggers in local woods, car parks and other secluded public areas then this is the grannydogging.co.uk site to make it all happen. This exciting activity has become increasingly more popular as it allows singles, couples and groups to all join in the fun without needing to be in any relationship, in fact it's better to be comeplete strangers. Unlike other sex dating websites where it's best practise to message and flirt with a potential partner, before meeing up to shag them, doging is a lot different. It is all about strangers coming together to meet in a secrect, disclosued location, where husbands allow their wives to be fucked by random horny guys, whilst other men can either watch and get off, or choose to join in. That's the beauty of a website like this, you're able to take it at completely your own pace. 

Why Join This Mature Sex Site?

granny doggingMeeting up for nos trings older sex in secluded locations has taken the UK by storm, it’s exposure in the press, and especially the channel 4 documentary from 2013 has really lifted this thrilling, and exciting exhibitionist activity. Its appeal stretches across the nation, and regularly sees flocks of horny singles; groups and couples come together in local sites to engage in mature sexual pleasure. It’s especially riveting for married men to watch their dirty wives being fucked by complete strangers.There is no other activity or fetish like it, if you are a single guy looking for more sex than this is surely the site for you, where else are you going to be presented with the opporunity of fucking another woman on your first ever encounter? No where exactly!

Top Dogging Locations To Meet Up

  1. 1 )Woods
  2. 2) Carparks
  3. 3) Fields
  4. 4) Common
  5. 5) Back Road
  6. 5) Farm
  7. 7) Housing Estate
  8. 8) allotments


Our website is specific in helping to serve the mature masses who are interested in older doggers from all over the UK. We want to accommodate for younger guys who want to get their kicks by shoving their hard dicks up inside an older, female stranger, and so far we’ve been doing it quite successfully. If you use our dating platform you will be able to find all the local group sex opportunities you could ever wish for, browse amateur slags who want to meet in car parks, find granny slappers who want to have sex in wooded areas, and join mature groups and couples for complete granny doging. That's how our site stands out and is different from the rest, we appeal to a mature market, who in many ways are more sexual, more reliable and more active when it comes to this naughty activity. We guarantee that you'll have much more wild, and exciting time with our older members, who between them have more experience, and are able to teach you a few things when it comes to sex.


It’s completely free to sign up and join this exciting, thrilling site. It takes less than 2 minutes to fill out the form with your information, so you’ll be looking for local sex locations with strangers in your area in no time.We pride our website on being completely discreet, we don’t share your information or dogger activities with anyone but you. It’s completely safe to use, we utilise all the latest online dating protection tools to secure your private and personal details. It’s fun and naughty, sex with strangers is a real turn on to millions of people around the UK, we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore their promiscuous side. So come join us now. Click the button below to start your free grannydogging UK membership trial.